Blockchain is the pinnacle in the era of 4.0 technology, which is considered as the key technology for digital transformation and building the information technology platform in the future.


Blockchain technology will open up a potential application trend for many areas such as banking & finance, retail, transportation, manufacturing and telecommunications. Applying Blockchain to our lives will benefit the community and the whole society.

  • For production

Applying Blockchain’s inexpensive and non-destructive characteristics to the manufacturing industry will help consumers trace the origin of products.

For the manufacturers, they can record and store the total quantity of products sold in the market and the amount of products left in stock.

  • For the medical field

At the hospital, all results of patient’s health checks will be stored using Blockchain technology, so it will help keep all information about patient’s health status. In addition, it helps people reduce the cost of testing again when visiting other hospitals as well as helping to trace the history of treatment process or the side effects of previous drugs. This will help to diagnose the patients better.

  • For education

Applying Blockchain technology in education helps to manage the certificates and qualifications of universities in general or vocational training institutions in particular. It helps to verify student profiles as well as make it easy for employers to track down candidates’ learning progress over time.

  • For the financial sector

The blockchain-based peer-to-peer money transfer program is part of the effort to provide cost-effective, high-security, low-cost financial services. This is why many large banks are being pushed out by smaller rivals. Blockchain is being considered as a way to cut costs and time in interbank transactions.

  • For E-commerce

With Blockchain technology, enterprises can be assured of signing smart contracts and offering payment solutions. Thanks to that, it is easy to do business and cooperate with many domestic and foreign companies with a time saving and simpler procedure.


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