Designing a simple website is the trend for many companies today because it brings friendly and pleasant feeling that impresses customers.

What is a simple website?

Designing a simple website is far different from making it sketchy. You can understand that a website template called “simple” when it contains only a few menus, images and focus on the main products and services. In terms of color, the website use just a few colors but it but exudes sophistication.

How to design one simple website?

– Background: Using large images to use as background has been a trend in simple web design style, as it will create a more intimate connection between objects. In order to increase the visual effect of the design, you need to pay attention to select the images which suit the web layout and content, corresponding to the purpose of the page.

– In order not to confuse the customer, you should make navigation as simple and accurate as possible, which allows users to explore your website better and make it more effective.

– Minimize the extra elements: To make it easy for the user to use the site, what you need to do is to help the customer understand how the site works. Therefore, you need to reduce the unnecessary elements which distract users.

The advantages of simple website design services at Vinsofts

When choosing a simple website design service offered by Vinsofts, you get the following advantages:

– Design a menu bar based on minimalist trends, focusing on key elements to highlight the products and services that your business offers.

– The ability to link well with sales channels and integrate online payment portals such as Ngan Luong, Bao Kim, Paypal, ATM … to the website so that customers can easily make payment when buying your products.

– Customize the interface as you want, easily upgrade the website to catch up with the latest trends today.

– Optimize page loading speed: Help your customers load pages easily in the shortest time.

If you need to design a simple website, please contact Vinsofts for a free consultation and support.

Website designed with simple style but bring high revenue for your business.