Recap of 2020 at Vinsofts

Vinsofts started the first working day of the year of the dog by welcoming Mr. Pham Thanh Hung (known as a Shark Tank investor) to the headquarters in Hanoi. The occasion was to congratulate Vinsofts for its new joint venture with Astra -an upcoming travel social network application- and to give lucky money to Vinsofts and Astra’s employees, as it is tradition in Vietnam. There could not be a better start of the year than this, as Astra’s project was projected to be one of a kind in the mobile app industry.

The following month, February, the launch of Astra Tourism Social Network was held at the Star Galaxy Theater in Hanoi, bringing enthusiasm among all employees in Vinsofts who participated in the making. It was also an important day for Astra Travel MXH’s team who had previously raised $1mill from Shark Tank and also contributed with the blockchain technology expertise, necessary to create an outstanding app.

Sadly, in March, the world was hit with Coronavirus. However, Vinsofts didn’t stop progressing, as Astra’s tourism mobile app started gaining its first solid user base. It isn’t surprising because it’s an intriguing app!. The more you interact and contribute, the more points you earn toward achieving your dream trip, vacation or simply a flight somewhere new.

Some of the following months were focused on protecting Vinsofts’ team from the pandemic, so the office stopped organizing on-site celebrations and passed to actively engage in teleworking and online teamwork. But now the team is back and stronger than ever.
Hopefully the remaining 3 months of the year will see a decrease in the pandemic worldwide while Vinsofts continues to expand internationally.