• Nail salon owners seek to offer regular clients with a convenient way to book their appointments.
  • Nail salon owners also pursue to inform, showcase and promote their services in an effective manner.
  • Clients want to be able to reserve nail treatments in advance and to choose their preferred nail technician.
  • Loyalty is a component that nail shop owners appreciate and would like to build over time.


  • Nail appointment app is a booking platform that allows regular clients to reserve their beauty treatments, such as a manicure, using their mobile phones. Thus, connecting nail salon owners with clients in and effective and convenient manner.
  • The app provides regular clients the chance to choose the beautician they would like to be treated with and they can also see the rating and details of all other members of the staff that work at the nail shop.
  • The app has a directory incorporated with all the services that the nail salon owner provides. This directory has the advantage to be very visual and appealing for clients.
  • The app has a built-in photo gallery, which helps clients to choose their final desired style and to have ideas of the different trendy options available.
  • The app also has a coupon section to offer discounts and promotions for clients.


  • Nail salon owners get benefited from a reliable booking management system.
  • Customer loyalty increases.
  • The number of appointments per day raises over time, thus increasing revenues.
  • Once again, mobile app technology helps connecting businesses with clients effectively.

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