• Difficult in managing administrative activities.
  • Difficult to track and can not sign documents when not sitting at the desk.
  • Difficulties in storing and securing papers


  • Building mOffice, the e-office system dedicated to small and medium enterprises, with the aim of managing administrative activities in a professional manner, modern yet flexible.
  • Help enterprises increase the efficiency of administrative work, build a paperless office, thereby reducing costs, save time.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of management, improve the quality of work.
  • The mOffice application on smartphone supports the Director of Enterprise to monitor and sign documents whenever and wherever they need, just need to connect to Viettel waves via SIM-CA.
  • Ensure security, confidentiality and legal value of the Viettel-CA digital signature (USB Token and mobile-CA).


  • Helping managers and staff reduce the burden of keeping paperwork, writing, tracking, searching, signing, processing documents, updating information promptly and accurately.
  • Saving office expenses.
  • Improving the quality of work
  • The mOffice service includes Web and Mobile versions to help businesses easily use.

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