Advertising Campaign Management App


  • An advertising company wants to provide their clients with a convenient way to follow up their own ad campaigns. These ads, unlike traditional ones, are displayed in a specialized advertising equipment system with technology 4.0
  • The Advertising company also pursues to facilitate the request of new ad Campaigns.
  • The advertising company’s clients seek to manage all their ads in an organized and efficient way.
  • The advertising company’s clients want to have proof that their ads are running as expected.


  • HP102 is an app that enables advertising companies’ clients to control and measure their entire ad campaigns displayed on Smart TV advertising channels and TVCs.
  • HP102 app shows clients the address of the exact location where the advertising equipment system is playing their ads.
  • The app portrays statistics of TVC broadcast frequency advertised for businesses at the present time.
  • The app lets clients know the status of the advertisement device: On / Off
  • The app can capture the TV screen that is broadcasting TVC advertising for the clients.
  • The client can open their TVC ad right on the app via YouTube.


  • The clients of advertising companies can fully appreciate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Mobile app and 4.0 technology bring together an outstanding change for the advertising industry.

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