AVIA Health and Fitness Tracking App


  • People seek to improve their health, but they require particular guidance.
  • People look for a convenient method to monitor their workout journey, thus feeling motivated and reassured.
  • People want to see their results and improvements in order to adjust their fitness objectives along the way.


  • Avia Aspire app uses the help of a bracelet to track Steps, Miles and Calories, showing users their progress over days, weeks and months
  • The app enables users to set SmartGoals. For instance, if a user want to burn 300 calories, then this objective should be set as a SmartGoal to see how many steps are needed to accomplish such goal.
  • The app has a social sharing feature, encouraging users to interact with friends and family.
  • The app includes an award-winning customer support, featuring an in-app live chat.
  • The technologies used to develop the app are:
    – iOS (Objective C)
    – Android (Java)
  • The technology used for the server is:
    – Ruby on rails


  • People have the opportunity to engage in physical activity, track their progress and improve their health as well as quality of life.
  • People enjoy the exercising experience and keep motivated.
  • The Mobile app technology makes use, in this opportunity, of a physical item such as a tracking bracelet to improve people’s lives

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