Blockchain project on music foundation


  • Copyright information is difficult to obtain due to it being siloed, inaccurate, inconsistent or unavailable.
  • The music industry lacks a centralised copyright database and is controlled by record companies, which has led to debate on the fair, efficient and transparent distribution of royalties.
  • The complexity of music copyright means a song can have different rights, and multiple parties can own rights to it. The lack of an authoritative registry of music rights and licenses makes it hard for creators to protect their intellectual property and track usage of their works, leaving them unable to claim copyright infringement and resulting in lost revenue.


  • Build Spectrum software – Music Platform with many outstanding features. This is a decentralized registration of music copyright, supported by Blockchain technology
  • Musicians – lets musicians register their songs and copyright, get paid for the usage and rights of their works, enables emerging artists to be discovered and offers opportunities for collaboration and networking.
  • Fans – Music fans can discover new acts, buy merchandise, concert tickets and stay updated on music and entertainment news.
  • Music Industry Professionals – Record labels, publishers, distributors, artists management companies, concert promoters have a centralised database to manage the rights of their artists, scout for talent and network. Summary of features available in version 1.0


  • Highly appreciated by music experts for its outstanding features
  • As an application that using Blockchain technology, Spectrum – Music Platform is a great platform for music and entertainment industry.

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