E-commerce website for Automobile Industry


  • KSA is a business that targets the buyers and sellers of cars
  • KSA’s goal is helping buyers and sellers to reach each other easily.


Build website: https://ksa.motory.com/en/ with eye-catching design and full of necessary features, professional according to customer’s needs.

  • The vehicles are sorted by category to help customers easily view and select their favorite products.
  • Finding cars easily by filtering by color, style, brand, price … help customers easily choose the model that they are looking for.
  • Provides full specifications and product images to users
  • Built-in sales function on the website with full features.
  • Classify new and used car models so that customers can easily select and search


  • Website KSA has made it easy for customers to access and choose a car model that suit their preferences as well as price.
  • After choosing a favorite product, customers can easily contact the car owner quickly without intermediaries.
  • Users can go to the website to buy and sell cars easily.
  • Convenient for both buyers and sellers

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