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  • Students and teachers have difficulty finding materials and multiple choice tests.
  • Costly for offline learning but it’s not effective
  • Difficult to grasp new information on education, college admission


  • Build a system to help high school students learn and take online multiple-choice test in a convenient way.
  • Helps students to easily do multiple-choice test on any topic.
  • Includes all subjects: Literature, Mathematics, Geography, History, Chemistry, Physics, English. Covering all knowledge from grade 10 to grade 12, college entrance exam.
  • Take tests on each topic to help you understand content well
  • Graduation Exam, College Test: Collecting tests from universities.
  • Provides exam results, detailed answers to each question, helps correct mistake on exams, consolidates knowledge, and accumulates more tests, in preparation for exams.
  • Manage testing history, review test results and share it to friends.
  • Updated education news
  • Relax with funny jokes, help reduce stress


  • Currently, has nearly 300,000 members.
  • Students can easily study and take exams anytime, anywhere right on their cell phone.
  • Teachers and parents can easily grasp more knowledge to support their students.
  • Help students have a bank of exams to prepare for the college entrance examination.
  • Save on study costs and find documents easily

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