On-demand Delivery App


  • Businesses: there are plenty of retail businesses that require delivery services to ship their sold products to customers on a on-demand basis. This delivery service, unlike traditional options, requires to be reliable, fast, on-time, convenient and available right away.
  • Delivery companies and independent shippers: these individuals are looking to connect with retail businesses more efficiently, so they can have the chance to benefit themselves from a higher number of orders.


Shippy is a social network application that helps connecting businesses and shipping companies on a on-demand basis. The application includes 2 versions for both businesses and shipping companies, ensuring a simple, efficient and optimal delivery process to final customers.

  • For businesses: the app enables them to easily find shippers nearby with just a simple request on the App, find information about the matched shipper and track his delivery activity while it lasts.
  • Delivery companies and individual shippers: the app helps them finding orders around a certain geographic area of interest and enjoy an unlimited working time.


  • Delivery companies and independent shippers have the opportunity to access an unlimited income.
  • Independent shippers don’t have to worry about their age to have an income opportunity.
  • Mobile app technology helps effectively connecting businesses of different sectors in benefit of final consumers.

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