RBX Health & Fitness Tracking App


  • People want to avoid missing important calls whenever they don’t have their mobile phones at hand
  • People seek to track and learn more about their sleep and exercise patterns with a convenient tool


  • RBX Active app tracks your physical activity and sleep with the help of a bracelet.
  • The bracelet assists the app in collecting any relevant information, which is then smartly displayed in the user’s mobile phone.
  • The app enables users to enjoy Phone Call & SMS notification through the bracelet.
  • The app is also equipped with a self-timer and find phone function that can be activated from the bracelet.
  • Easy to charge through a USB
  • Technology:
    – iOS
    – Android
    – BLE

[RBX Active isn’t available in app stores at the moment]


  • Smart applications bring many benefits to users
  • Convenient and easy to use

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