Social Networking App for Elderly


  • Families, friends and communities are seeking a way to keep connected with elderly people/relatives
  • Some people in particular worry about their parents or grandparents when these are living at a retirement or nursing home


  • YourLink is an app that connects seniors with life.
  • The app allows the user find and discover the latest information, events and activities happening in the local area (like an online noticeboard)
  • Users can quickly access their chosen services (E.g. home modification, community care) and interests from their own home page
  • Users can discover interesting articles across topics including recipes, history, inspiring people, beautiful world, wise words, hobbies/games and entertainment
  • The app enables users to build their private personalized photo album of themselves or their loved one
  • The app can be accessed from iPad or iPhone


  • YourLink is making a difference for seniors and families.
  • YourLink is not a static directory, but it actually links organizations and services with seniors.
  • The app is incorporating technology into the lives of elderly individuals, so they can continue engaging with the community

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