Switchback Social Network app


  • People want to connect with other people, who share the same interests they do.
  • People look to experience a special connection with someone, either romantically or platonically.
  • People seek to improve their hectic lifestyles by introducing a healthy social life into their daily routines.


  • Switchback is an exciting geo-targeted social networking app that enables people to create meaningful relationships during their daily commutes.
  • Switchback has an advanced algorithm that matches people on key interest categories.
  • The app has 2 search options: 1) switchback fire, which helps people finding love; and 2) switchback friend, which helps people finding buddies.
  • The app enables people to connect first and motivates them to arrange offline meetings after.
  • The app recommends local events to people based on their common interests, so that they can have an enjoyable offline meeting.
  • Unlike other competitor apps, Switchback aims to eliminate the number of fake profiles with the use of blockchain technology.

[Only available in app stores of target countries]


  • People can improve their social life, enhancing thus the quality of their urban lifestyle.
  • People can have a better use of their time by creating meaningful relationships through their mobile phones.
  • Mobile app and blockchain technology unite to bring change to people’s lives.

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